Automotive Safety Research |

Vehicle Safety Research/Testing

KEVA Engineering offers state of the art accident reconstruction, testing facilities and research programs.

  • Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and trucks (light, medium and heavy)
  • Vehicle dynamics, performance, braking and handling
  • Roadway testing

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Collision Analysis & Expert Testimony

Analyzing an accident requires meticulous examination of human, vehicle and environmental factors to recreate the chain of events:

  • Cutting edge computer modeling and simulation
  • Vehicle damage and roadway mapping
  • Crush analysis
  • Rapid Response (on-scene)

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EDR “Black Box” Data

Many current vehicles are equipped with data recording capabilities that provide valuable information regarding pre-collision movements and crash severity.  We are equipped to download and analyze the following:

  • Passenger vehicle data
  • Bosch crash data retrieval
  • Heavy vehicle engine data (Caterpillar, Cummins, DDEC, Mack, Volvo)

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