Our Expertise

We offer state of the art vehicular accident reconstruction, testing, safety research and expert testimony.

Consulting activities involve collision analysis, vehicle dynamics and handling, rollover analysis, computer simulation/modeling, testing design, heavy truck dynamics, crashworthiness, laser scanning and EDR analysis.

Vehicles analyzed include passenger cars, SUVs, heavy trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, forklifts, industrial trucks and bicycles.  Collectively we have participated in over 5,000 collision analyses and component performance tests.  We have generated ground-breaking research studies, analysis reports, technical papers, continuing education lectures and training materials.

John F. Kerkhoff - Founder, Retired 2010

Mr. Kerkhoff began his career at the UCLA crash research project. He founded KEVA Engineering (formerly JFK Engineering) in 1982 to analyze vehicle collisions and to further the advancement of vehicular safety. In his more than 30 years of expertise, he has participated in over 50 full-scale collision experiments and over 3,000 accident reconstructions. He has qualified on hundreds of occasions as an expert in state and federal courts.

Michael S. Varat - Founder, Principal Scientist

Specializes in accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics and computer simulation.  His research and publications include vehicular dynamics, motorcycle dynamics, vehicle testing and reconstruction methodologies. He has qualified as an expert in state and federal courts on more than 100 occasions.

Stein E. Husher - Principal Scientist

Specializes in accident reconstruction and vehicle performance analysis. His research and publications include vehicle and component testing, reconstruction methodologies, motorcycle and bicycle dynamics and computer simulation. He is court qualified as an accident reconstruction expert.